Job description

Scalability Solutions® LLC is looking for a smart, extremely detail-oriented, reliable, intuitive, mystery-solving superhero to help us on a part-time, contract, remote basis with a very wide variety of administrative functions that will free us up to help our clients build businesses where their teams are happy, fulfilled, and empowered.  

Scalability Solutions LLC is a team growth strategy firm that helps its clients successfully scale through effective candidate vetting, onboarding, and retention strategies. We transform the way organizations build and lead their teams and partner with them to ensure their teams are happy, fulfilled, and empowered at work. Because deep discovery and strategic planning are always conducted prior to execution, all services result in extraordinary teams that are highly aligned with company goals, culture, and vision.

What you can expect from us upon hire: 

  • Opportunity to be able to truly make an impact 
  • Enthusiastic support for creativity, resourcefulness, and out-of-the-box thinking
  • A deep appreciation of and gratitude for your attention to detail and ability to anticipate needs
  • Ability to work with a positive, supportive, collaborative, small team
  • Radical transparency in information sharing
  • Flexibility and the ability to work remotely during hours that work for you

What we’ll expect from you:

  • Reliability (in availability, work quality, and meeting deadlines without reminders), responsibility, and a self-starter with a need for very little direction (yet able to ask good clarifying questions to confirm understanding of assignments), with an ability to anticipate needs
  • Extreme attention to detail and organization
  • An ability to learn quickly on your own through research (including technology, industries, and roles), with a holistic love of lifelong learning 
  • Excellent written communication skills with a pet peeve of typos
  • Adaptability, resourcefulness, solution focus, and a drive for continuous improvement
  • Excellence at managing expectations and risks, and proactive communication 

What you will be doing:

  • Creating interview transcripts from messy and sometimes cryptic notes (requires excellent mystery-solving skills)
  • Various tasks in various systems (requires the ability to figure out technology on your own), including, but not limited to: Recruitee (applicant tracking system), MS Outlook, a wiki, Excel, Expensify, and many more
  • Creating a wide variety of documents and deliverables (misc., depending on needs)
  • Creating reports (e.g. budget status reports, conversion reports, etc.). This requires pulling large amounts of data and spending big chunks of time in spreadsheets)
  • Research (misc.)

Following is the process we're using to build our pool of talented Superheroes:

  1. Apply online, answering our questions
  2. We'll either thank you for applying and reach out in the future if needs align, or we'll give you a test assignment. You'll spend 1 hour cleaning up a sample interview transcript based on extremely messy and confusing notes, and 30 minutes pulling some sample data from our applicant tracking system (ATS). 
  3. At this point, we'll mutually decide whether to proceed or hold off (depending on whether you loved doing the work, and whether we loved your work).
  4. If we proceed, we will send other types of assignments your way at the hourly rate we agree upon (TBD, based on needs – putting together status reports, pulling data from a system, posting jobs, etc.) You can turn down assignments at any time. We'll be learning more about each other over this time, to understand what your super powers are and what you love to do most
  5. We'll probably also ask you if you are interested in other work we might have. The additional work we might offer you will depend on your passions, strengths, goals, interests, etc., along with our needs of course. 


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Authorization to work in the US
  • Preferred, but not required:
    • Experience working in a company that had clients across a wide variety of industries
    • Proven experience (more than 3 years minimum) real-world business experience producing deliverables and results in a variety of roles in a business setting

Scalability Solutions is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against otherwise qualified applicants on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, citizenship status, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or handicap, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state or local laws.